100 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

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Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue produced by the human body. If you collect all the iron contained in the human body, you will only get a small screw for the clock. There are more than different viruses that cause a cold. A kiss of sufficient duration is much better than chewing gum, it normalizes acidity in the oral cavity.

Striking your head against the wall, you can lose calories per hour. A human being is the only representative of the animal world, capable of drawing straight lines. There are dimples on the back of each person, only in someone they are apparent, but in others less noticeable. The dimples are located where the pelvis fuses with the sacrum, so that the appearance of them is completely justified.

Women blink about 2 times more often than men. The human body contains only 4 minerals: apatite, aragonite, calcite and cristobalite.


A real passionate kiss causes the same chemical reactions in the brain that parachute jumps and gun shooting. Men are considered dwarfs with the height below 51 inches, women — below 47 inches. Nails on the fingers grow about 4 times faster than on the toes. People with blue eyes are more sensitive to pain than others. Nerve impulses in the human body move at a speed of about ft per second. In the human brain, , chemical reactions occur within 1 second.

Children are born without kneecaps.

120 Amazing Facts About the Human Body

They appear only at the age of years. If one of the identical twins does not have one or another tooth, as a rule, the same tooth is absent from the other twin. The surface area of human lungs is approximately equal to the area of the tennis court. On average, a person spends two weeks kissing for life. At blondes the beard grows faster, than at brunettes. Leukocytes in the human body live days, and erythrocytes — months.

The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue. The size of the human heart is approximately equal to the size of his fist. From the moment of birth, 14 billion cells already exist in the human brain, and the number does not increase until death.

On the contrary, after 25 years it is reduced by thousand a day. In a minute, you spent reading the page, about 70 cells die. After 40 years, brain degradation accelerates dramatically, and after 50 neurons nerve cells shrink and the brain volume decreases. At birth in the body of a child there are about bones, in adulthood there are only The human small intestine has a length of about 8,2 ft.

After his death, when the musculature of the intestinal wall relaxes, the length reaches 20 ft. The right lung of man contains more air than the left. The adult person makes approximately 23 thousand breaths and exhalations per day. The smallest cells in the body of a man are sperm cells. About 40 thousand bacteria are in the human mouth. In the human body, about 2, taste buds. The human eye is able to distinguish 10 million color shades.

The chemical compound responsible for the ecstasy of love phenylethylamine is present in chocolate. The human heart creates pressure, which is enough to raise blood to the level of the 3d floor. In a dream, a person burns more calories than watching a TV. Children grow fastest in the spring.

Every year, more than 2, lefties are killed because of errors in the operation of mechanisms designed for right-handed people. It turns out that every th man has the opportunity to satisfy himself orally. A person uses 17 muscles when smiling, and 43 — when frowning.


At the age of 60, most people lose half their taste buds. During the flight in the plane, the speed of human hair growth doubles. If you are locked in a completely enclosed room, then you will die from carbon dioxide poisoning, and not because of a lack of air.

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According to statistics, only 1 person for 2 billion steps over the life threshold of years. The average person speaks 4, words in 24 hours. The retina inside the eye covers about 1 square inch and contains million photosensitive cells: million rods for black and white vision and 7 million cones for color vision. Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. In the morning the person is approximately 0,31 inches higher than in the evening. The muscles of focusing the eye move thousand times a day. To the muscles of the legs made the same cuts, you need to walk 50 miles a day.

Coughing is an explosive charge of air that moves at a speed of up to 0.

Amazing Body Facts

According to German researchers, the risk of a heart attack is higher on Monday than on any other day of the week. Gamers are sometimes stigmatized as being too insulated, but the opposite is actually true. The rise of multi-player experiences online has given way to a new form of socializing in which players work together to solve problems. But studies have shown games can also be the catalyst for friends to gather in person: roughly 70 percent of all players play with friends at least some of the time. Since it is a disorder affecting multiple nerves, multiple sclerosis patients often have problems with their balance—and no medications have been conclusively proven to help.

However, one study showed that MS patients who played games requiring physical interaction while standing on a balance board displayed improvement afterward. We all know someone who seems to have a faster CPU than the rest of us, able to retrieve information or react in a split second. For some, that ability might be strengthened through gaming. Because new information is constantly being displayed during play, players are forced to adapt quickly.

In one study, players who were immersed in fast-paced games were 25 percent faster in reacting to questions about an image they had just seen compared to non-players. Players preoccupied with indulging in overeating, smoking, or drinking might be best served by reaching for a controller instead.

A university study revealed a 24 percent reduction in desire for their vice of choice after playing a puzzle game. While some games are thought to induce stress—especially when you see your character struck down for the umpteenth time—the opposite can be true. A major study that tracked players over six months and measured heart rate found that certain titles reduced the adrenaline response by over 50 percent.

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Gamers using systems that incorporate the entire body to control onscreen movement have been shown to be more engaged in celebrating victories with their peers, which runs counter to the lack of communication people with autism sometimes present. A study also showed that sharing space with multiple players can also lead to increased social interaction for those with the disorder.

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    BY Kat Long. The human body is an amazing piece of machinery—with a few weird quirks. Doing so can wear down enamel and make teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods.

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